DeviceNet Network Adapter

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M9212 (DeviceNet Network Adapter)

Adapter Type

Group 2 Only Slave
Max. Expansion Slot 63 Slots
I/O Data Size Max 128 bytes each slot
Max. Length Bus Line Max.100m@500Kbps, Max. 250m@250Kbps, Max. 500m@125Kbps
Max. Network Node 64 Nodes
Baud Rate 125Kbps(Max. 500m)
250Kbps(Max. 250m)
500Kbps(Max. 100m)
Protocol Poll, Bit-Strobe, Cyclic, COS
Node MAC ID Setup DIP Switch
Terminating Resistance Setup DIP Switch
Bus Connection 5 Pin Open-Style Connector
Other Serial Port RS232 for MODBUS/RTU, Touch Panel or IOGuide
Serial Configuration (RS232) Node : 1 (Fixed)
Baud Rate : 115200 (Fixed)
Data bit : 8 (Fixed)
Parity bit : No parity (Fixed)
Stop bit : 1 (Fixed)
Indicator 4 LEDs
1 Green/Red, Module Status (MOD)
1 Green, Receive Data (NET)
1 Green, Transmit Data (DIA)
1 Green/Red, Expansion I/O Module Statsus (IOS)
Module Location Starter module left side of M-Series system
General Specification
UL System Power

Supply voltage : 24Vdc nominal, Class 2

System Power Supply voltage : 24Vdc nominal
Supply voltage range : 15~28.8Vdc
Protection : Output current limit, Reverse polarity protection
Power Dissipation Network Adpater : 280mA typical @ 24Vdc
M7001 module : 20mA typical @ 24Vdc
Current for I/O Module 2.0A @ 5Vdc
(If except for NA, current for I/O module is about 1.7A)
Isolation System power to internal logic : Non-isolation
System power I/O driver : Isolation
UL Field Power Supply voltage : 24Vdc nominal, Class 2
Field Power Supply voltage : 24Vdc typical (Max. 28.8Vdc)
* Field Power Range is different depending on IO Module series.
Refer to IO Module`s Specification.
Max. Current Field Power Contact DC 10A Max
Wiring I/O Cable Max. 2.0mm2(AWG 14)
Torque 0.8Nm(7 lb-in)
Weight 179g
Module Size 54mm x 110mm x 75mm


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