Relay Output 8 Points, Terminal, 230Vac / 2A, 24Vdc/2A

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- 슬라이스 타입의 필드버스 I/O ( DeviceNet , PROFIBUS , CANopen , CC-Link , EtherCAT , MODBUS RS232 , MODBUS RS485, PROfinet , EtherNET IP, MODBUS TCP, CC-Link IE Field)

- 소형 시스템 구성에 대한 가장 합리적인 가격을 제공

- 사용자의 편의를 위한 착탈식 방식의 터미널 블럭 제공

 - Test Pin용 홀울 제공하여 배선 후에도 입출력값 확인 가능
ST-2748 Output Specification

Outputs Per Module

8 Points
Indicators 8 Green Output States, 1 Green/Red Fn-Bus State
Relay Type Form A, normally Open
Single Pole, Single Throw
Output Range 5~28.8Vdc @2.0A Resistive
48Vdc @0.8A Resistive
110Vdc@0.5A Resistive
250Vac @2.0A Resistive
Min. Load 100uA, 100mVdc Per Point
Max. On-state Voltage Drop 0.5V @ 2.0A, Resistive Load, 24Vdc
OFF-State Leakage Current Max. 1.5mA
Output Signal Delay On to Off : Max. 10ms,
Off to On : Max. 10ms
Initial Contact Res. 20mΩ
Expected Contact Resistance 300K Cycles Resistive, 100K Cycles Inductive
Common Type 1 Points / 1 COM
General Specification
Power Dissipation Max. 235mA @5.0Vdc
Isolation I/O to Logic : Relay Coil/Contact Isolation / 1250 Vrms tested
Field Power No Connection with Field Power / Field Power passes through to the next module
Wiring I/O Cable Max. 2.0㎟(AWG 14)
Weight 200g
Module Size 24mm x 99mm x 70mm
Signals for Left Terminal Pin No. Description
0 Output Channel 0_A
1 Output Channel 1_A
2 COM 0
3 COM 1
4 Output Channel 2_A
5 Output Channel 3_A
6 COM 2
7 COM 3
Signals for Right Terminal
0 Output Channel 4_A
1 Output Channel 5_A
2 COM 4
3 COM 5
4 Output Channel 6_A
5 Output Channel 7_A
6 COM 6
7 COM 7


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